Imagine booking a speaker to delve into the deepest aspects of the human experience and what it is that drives us, but instead of simply words spoken from a stage or the front of a room you are faced with an actual live experience of seeing people (each other) beyond all difference through the use of the Inner View camera, projection screens and awareness itself. That is this. And this is beyond words.

Board Rooms to Auditoriums (6 to 1000+).

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‘ … Give me 5 days of your undivided and so still attention, and I’ll show you the direct experience that has been seeking you for your entire life.’

DirectionsNo map. No usual working compass. No-one we must become. Nowhere we must get to. Nothing we must achieve. For Now. Nothing. NO-THING. Stillness, and the surrender of a usual way. Alongside the extraordinary possibility that what you seek is seeking you. Then inwards. Traveling to the very edge of an inner frontier. And then, a resolute jump. From which there may be no return.

Retreat-like Expeditions with the Film Camera and Consciousness. Small groups.

I’ve made films in a unique style for nearly two decades. The camera goes to the inner experience of people and matters of the world. I’ve made film series on major societal issues, the souls of organizations and for individuals wishing simply to be seen without pretense.

Some opt for the first part of the process. The experience alone and/or to simply possess the Soul Biographies Inner View footage of themselves or their work.

Filming can be done in-person or virtually.

We would need to discuss whether this is a right move.


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I’ve worked with characters from all ends of the human spectrum. From an immersive 6-Week exploration deep in to the experience of an entire nation with someone who would then run for its President. To entrepreneurs looking for the experience of an inner intelligence to steady what it is they have created, and indeed to drive creativity. To those looking to find the language to articulate grand world contributing missions. To people seeking a solution to their endless seeking.

Methods are unusual. You may have guessed. Sometimes the experience required may take a single intensive day. Sometimes an ongoing relationship. We’d need to speak to know if this is a place you’d be willing to stand without flinching. 


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Inner View is a profound way to witness the person behind the mask, causing a direct experience of interconnectedness and belonging.

Its radically simple way starts with no-thing from which comes the spellbindingly beautiful experience of what it is to be human.

I teach Inner View in-person and virtually. Scheduled events will appear HERE

Once a year I teach the Inner View Camera Method to a small group in-person. A personal mentoring in the way of capturing profound human honesty on camera. For Media Interviewers, Documentarians, Coaches, Therapists and the like.

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