Words On A Card

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Events, Inner View, News, Words

I haven’t printed a ‘business‘ card since 2015. I was never very good at handing them to people. I’m Inner Viewing (filming on stage and speaking of what is and isn’t happening) in front of 500 at an Entrepreneurs’ Organization event in a few weeks from an outdoor stage by the edge of Lake Tahoe, and thought I should print another.
 I selected two pieces that speak to at least some of what I will be ‘pointing to’ on stage. Amongst the many mind-bending consequences of ‘surrender’.
There were about 50 possible pieces to use, and I did end up with one of the longest pieces I’ve ever written – ‘Fragile’. A challenge to fit within the dimensions of so few inches.
note: the dotted lines are NOT printed, and the card is three layers thick with the middle layer being black.
second note: independently of this EO Event I am making a film series to bring into focus the profound experience of EO Forum Mindset and its possibility in the World.