What You Seek Is Seeking You

by | Sep 9, 2021 | Events, Inner View, News, Words

Over these last few months there has been a quiet yet almost seismic shift in my sense of all of this. Certainly in my sense of what I must do now. In many ways it is all quite simple. Binary in nature almost. A life lived ‘by one‘, or a life lived ‘through one‘. I first became aware of this binary nature whilst filming Soul Biographies, and noticing that words come from one of two places. Language was spoken by someone ‘to or at‘ another in hope of a consequence, OR it was simple spoken ‘through‘ someone with no thought of consequence. It led me to realize that there is the possibility of having life itself (and not just words) find you, and live itself through you. And what it takes is nothing. No-thing. Surrender.
“What you seek is seeking you”
I know this. And I know how. And just to be clear, it is nothing. No-thing. This is extraordinary news in many ways. Just not if you’re seeking to understand or master it. You can let go of all of that. Really. And I now understand why The Tree of Dreams was so important to me. And why Interior Expeditions will become a central part to this next chapter.