Under the Tree of Dreams

by | Dec 5, 2022 | Events, Inner View, News, Words

Under the Tree of Dreams – Sunday December 11 12-1.30 pm US Central

On Sunday December 11 I’ll be on Zoom exploring the very real experience of Under the Tree of Dreams. You are welcome to join me.

It’s free but you’ll need to register.

There will be no recording released.

This now Full and a Waiting List is in operation.

We will start with nothing, as is the way. And wonder where it may then take us, as is the experience. I haven’t done one of these in what seems like an age. 


The Tree of Dreams

Many had gathered
under the
tree of dreams.

All but one stood
shaking its branches
for dreams to fall.

Dreams that had been
whispered to them
by the voices of others.

Dreams that would
fade with time.

But one sat quietly
waiting for a dream
to recognize his soul.

And to consume him
with no doubt.