Herein lies a revolution of an idea that might render me a heretic of sorts to those invested in the journey of seeking. I sometimes wonder if the journey of becoming (which is inextricably linked to seeking) is a fools errand. I understand it, yet my experience is something vastly different.

These few minutes start “… this maybe a revolution of an idea. That what we seek is seeking us. That what we yearn for exists already and doesn’t need to be worked towards. That human connectedness is here. It’s always been here. It doesn’t need to be conjured up. It simply needs to be noticed.”

So to the heresy of the idea, and by heresy I mean the holding of a possibility at odds with what is generally accepted.



Many experience moments of knowing. The knowing that is the goal of seeking. Perhaps even the goal of life itself. The knowing that lives beyond the description of words, and holds in it the very experience of peace.

And, when it is felt, often something is being done.

Because we wish our experience to be different; We Seek – We Act – It Changes – We Experience A Difference.

Then there is an obvious attribution of the cause; our prior act. The act of prayer. Of meditation. Of presence. Of understanding. Of becoming. Of this. Or, of that. The act of betterment.

But I wonder about such attribution.

If what we seek is seeking us, then it is in existence. And a simple moment of let-it-be followed by no-thing (no act of interference by us) might be what is required for the experience of knowing to find us.

Let It Be – No-thing – Realize. All non acts on your part

All working prior acts might simply have contained a moment of let-it-be followed by no-thing, that allowed us to become aware of what has always been here. The acts themselves had not caused progress towards.

I know this no-thing. I know its simplicity and lack of requirement. I believe this is where my work of two decades has been pointing me all along.

Heresy, maybe. Revolution, perhaps. Or as simple as simple has ever been, probably. 

one same heartbeat