Ken Blackwood is an ordained Deacon. Not that this is relevant, except for the fact that it encourages him to wonder deeply.

He had never heard of Inner View. There was no warm up, or lengthy precursor to become at ease. Within moments of meeting he was in front of the camera with a small group hanging on his every word.

What came was not a response to a question. It was a response to stillness. That is important to know. It is the common experience in all of these films.

Thank you again to Chalon Bridges for helping make this film happen.

May You Be Of Use

One of the greatest gifts I’ve been given is cancer. On days like today even my hair hurts. I’ve got a couple of other diseases, I’m like a walking miracle today.

I often ask ‘don’t let the words come from me, let them come from somewhere else‘.

one same heartbeat