“… it was about me seeing Steve Jobs standing in the corner alone. It’s OK to be independent but no reason to be alone. No entrepreneur should feel alone.”

These few minutes are about the observations and original experience that led Verne Harnish to found Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Many missions have some sense of an origin point. Such a point becomes clearer in hindsight. Perhaps deeper than one first imagined. As you watch these two minutes do wonder about your own, whether formed or in formation.

If I consider the direction of my far from usual work with Soul Biographies and Inner View , the indications were there much of my life. Sometimes recognized, often not. Sometimes ignored, and then not. Definitely not. These clues were always an invitation to follow a particular uncharted and original course.

That might leave an important question for you about the clues that fill your own life.

Where might they have they been pointing you?


The filming happened whilst I was speaking at a conference for Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). And by speaking I mean speaking alongside the filming of the human soul live on stage with the realtime image broadcast to the stage projection screens. 

There were around 500 company owners, in part focused on turning inwards. Inwards being the often missed part of an education. Profound answers lie within each of us. It’s just that we are seldom aware, preferring to look outside.



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The film process is transformational in itself. And then there is the effect of being seen with a vast authenticity. These are a few of many examples. Some choose to simply go through the process of filming the footage, leaving them with gold dust to work with themselves.

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