The fight is not against me and somebody else. The fight is against me versus me. And I refuse to let the wrong me win.

We level our ire at the world around us. The world with which our opinion so often disagrees. But might our energy be better focused on the experience within our own personal jurisdiction. This was filmed from deep within the experience of a thoughtful life lived through desegregation in Alabama.

This film is the epitome of the experience of peace. You might do well to breathe it in. Full screen. Headphones. Full attention. Do not attempt if distracted.

George Stewart was filmed on the Soul of America Tour.

Two Fools in a Mirror

We won’t have peace until we can
both agree,’ said the two fools
on either side of an argument.

‘We won’t have peace until the other
gives way,’ said each about their foe.

But peace could never be had.

Peace is an indescribable warmth that
belongs to no one. And to everyone.

And its warmth would only be felt
once each fool could face
the mirror and recognize the other.


[I wrote the Two Fools on the way to giving a speech at the Women’s National Democratic Club in DC]

one same heartbeat