See these few minutes as an invitation to stop in your tracks and let life itself find you. The experience of ten years old, and being rediscovered by something forgotten. I wonder what it is that life wants for you.

Might ten find you once again

A few years ago I went on walkabout searching for the Soul of America. I ended up in a 3rd Grade Classroom in Tucson, Arizona. When I get back to the Soul of America Project (seeking funding) I shall write more about the experience, and its relevance to today’s polarization.

In the meantime, the above video uses a set of photographs I took that day. They were ten, and there is an experience that might find you if you don’t look for it. So as usual – fullscreen, headphones. Do not attempt if distracted. Let the experience find you.

I recorded the guitar to help you give up the task of looking for something. In the hope that it may find you.

Start with No-thing.

Angela – 3rd Grade Teacher

That day we filmed in challenging audio circumstance. These few seconds below are important – see more here.


In a dream more real than his daytime,
a grown man meets himself.

Himself at just ten. With the light
in his eyes. And the world
in his heart.

He sets out to explain to his
young self why he’s taken the
road to someone else’s

But he can’t.

And in the deafening silence
he shakes uncontrollably.

As the years of an
life spill over.

And in that silence


Perhaps the ten year old
had been his
very soul in disguise.

Come to shake him
from the prison of
his daytime.


one same heartbeat