What might happen if a town came to know itself deeply? If people were to see each other beyond the divides and without condition?

Might we live in a place in which we are known and loved just as we are?

Might we live in a place to which we belong?


In partnership with entrepreneur Chalon Bridges we are to start an exploration into the possibility of such human connection in Sonoma, California.

Chalon has been a resident there since 1979.

We will be using the filming of the human soul (the Inner View method in which Soul Biographies are made) as a way of uncovering the possibility and experience that so many dream of.

This is the start of a profound iterative journey that will include many.

Nic Askew – Soul Biographies


Our first set of live explorations and events with the Inner View camera are scheduled between March 24 and April 2, 2023.

If you live in the town and would like to discover more, and perhaps even be a part of this exploration, send us a message.

If you live elsewhere and would like to receive updates on the exploration, do join the Soul Biographies Film List.

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