During the making of this Schizophrenia Portrait Series it became apparent that each of the subjects was in effect saying the same thing ~

~ that when the patient stands at the true center of focus alongside a coordinated, compassionate and empathetic community, that the possibility of meaningful and productive lives exist.

It is clear that this disease can be managed well. And lives transformed.

These six courageous and vivid film subjects tell the tale well.

Thank you to patrons Otsuka and Lundbeck for giving me unbridled freedom to explore such a deeply rich and human subject.

The sequence above won Silver Medal in the European Marketing Awards. Saatchi & Saatchi secured the gold.

Note. The sequence was cut together simply as a sense of what might come from the Portrait Series before I had edited any of the films, a note to the Patron. It was a rough cut. I didn’t actually enter it into anything. Now I’m imagining hope for authenticity and depth in the business of communications.

‘Side By Side’
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‘Beyond the Dark’
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‘Through My Eyes’
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‘At the Centre’
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‘With Understanding’
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one same heartbeat