Capitalism needs to be re-imagined. The math simply does not add up.

‘… the more successful we become, the less likely it is that we pause and question our own core assumptions.’

John Fullerton is courageous in many respects. To challenge a system from within. Not expected on Wall Street. Not acceptable. To expose oneself to uncertainty and exclusion from one’s peers with all that might bring is often too great a barrier to act.

But if not you, then who? When one sees a very different perspective, one cannot simply unsee it. And not acting might haunt one until the end of days.

And of course, there is little doubt that Capitalism needs re-imagining. That everything needs re-imagining at least once in a while.

‘… the will to fix the system begins with the will and curiosity to be open to having to rethink the way we think the world works. That’s threatening to academics, and to people in positions of power. No one likes to wake up one day and decide that their understanding of the way the world works is flawed.’




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