there’s so much love in my heart that it scares people, to the point where it scares me sometimes.’

This is beautiful. Watch this gently. Watch this attentively. Watch this with yourself in mind. If that is ‘you are one of us‘. And know this. Wherever I go. Wherever I look. I find people like Anita. I find people like you.

Also know this. If you can see what this is, truly see, then that in itself is extraordinary.

‘… I belong. Everywhere. And I don’t have to earn it.’

Further to Anita’s statement, these words might effect your own outlook on your own self – ON BELONGING … without condition.

Note: This was filmed at someone else’s Leadership Retreat. Anita was one of 17 filmed. I sometimes PARTNER  another body of work, and Inner View live in the room or auditorium with large scale projection. It is the witnessing on film of participants in front of participants. It has a profound effect, is additive to the work in hand and often leaves that organization with extraordinary expressions of that work on film. Thanks to Jim Lord’s Center for Leadership Philanthropy.


one same heartbeat