An extremely short film on the dangers of self importance. Laced with irony but serving a reasonably important point. Perhaps it illustrates a major point of all these films – to notice the experience of one’s own life rather than charge full steam ahead into changing it.

‘have you ever been so important, so absorbed in the drama of your own life that you totally mi……’

In heading somewhere important, or self important, one actually stands more than the vague chance of missing the experience of an entire life. And that would be a tragedy. And such tragedy would simply disguise itself as pain.

Self importance should carry a government health warning. But since it doesn’t, it’s up to you and me both to own up to our personal moments of self importance. And therein lies the challenge. Absurdly obvious self importance dressed as arrogance is easy to spot. But other shades are not. Who might be perceptive, or courageous enough to take up such a challenge?

Ironically, as I usually play guitar on the films, music is by STEPHANE WREMBEL.

one same heartbeat