Lighter, Or Darker

Lighter, or Darker

Each encounter holds
the capacity to
render us lighter.

Or to color
the experience
of our world

Each encounter
holds the capacity
to engage our
sense of wonder.

Or to help us hide
from noticing
the experience
of being human.

Each encounter holds
the capacity to
tell its story
without expectation.

Or to force on
the world
an opinion of
how it must be.

Each encounter holds
the capacity for us
to recognize our

Or to escape into
the experience
of separateness.

And with each
comes a decision.

To make our world
lighter. Or darker.

These are two Soul Biographies I made in response to and as openers for the first two conferences put on by the Hollywood Movement, the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment. Started by Jim Carrey, Eckhart Tolle and John Raatz. The first film (above) addresses the recognition that media is powerful and questions the responsibility of those who produce what we so readily consume.

The second film (below) a year or so on, addresses the subject of ‘Only a New Seed Will Yield a New Crop. New Entertainment and Media Values for a New World‘ (the conference title). The task was to wonder if the perspective had changed as dramatically as required, so I took the opportunity to ask a simple and dangerous question.

Each film gathers around a short poem I wrote whilst considering the challenges ahead. And importantly, each is brutally relevant to anyone who cares to watch with careful attention, not just those in Hollywood.

For Whom Do I Act?

The force of one man’s cleverness
and ambition to succeed,
changed the world.

But in favor of one,
and not the other.

The strength of another man’s
vulnerable and
emerging soul,
transformed the world
with his every breath.

Leaving all mankind with
the possibility of
a single haunting

‘For whom do I act?’

For Whom Do I Act?

one same heartbeat