The 1940s Holocaust might have been one of the lowest points of human existence.

These three minutes wonder if we ‘might all hold the capacity to see light in the darkness’. However that darkness chooses to reveal itself.

I first met Ron, whilst ‘interviewing survivors‘ on a stage in front of a large group of school children. I gave him the space in which to articulate something of that dreadful time. I was struck, if not haunted, by his stoicism. We filmed this a few weeks later.

I also met the uber-spirited 93 year old ALISON on that very same stage, and the children chanted her name out loud.

From Unimaginable Depths

From the unimaginable depths
of human darkness
exists an almost
shard of light.

So vague that it
might remain unseen.

But it’s from such a shard
that hope is born.

And from hope, possibility.


I wrote these words with many film subjects in mind, Ron included – Nic

one same heartbeat