Note: we are planning a profound introduction to Inner View here, to be viewable by Nic’s Film LIST members. Do check back.

This Lesson / being is so often another thing to do. To be better at. To be more present. You don’t even have to do that. And space doesn’t need to be held. By you, or by me. This space is presence. We are a part of it, and not apart from it. Right here, and right now would seem to be enough. It does not require us to add anything. I have come to understand that this presence does so much of the work of witnessing. And one can surrender the role one once assumed they had.

Inner View is a way to see and experience a deeper aspect of all people, beyond the assumptions and defenses that keep us hidden from each other. It is the way in which Soul Biographies are made.

A guest lesson from the Inner View Program will appear here, and change from time to time.


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