How you view these films is important. The experience is best finding you, not you it. An antithetical way pointing to an extraordinary possibility between you and all others.

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For This Moment, Be Still  |  Start With Nothing. No-thing. No Act On Your Part  |  And Then, Let It. Let The Experience Find You. Not You It  |  Become Aware

Most Soul Biographies Contain Dialogue. This Doesn’t And Is A Perfect Few Minutes To Practice Letting The Experience Find You. Read Guidelines Below

This Is A Sequence Cut From A Sample Of Soul Biographies. Using The Instruction Below Let The Experience Find You

From a stillness between us comes an awareness of the entire universe, and with it a transformation in our experience of each other and all of life.

When we are seen without judgment or condition, we are known. When we are known, we become aware that we belong to each other.

It is such an awareness that might change this world. 

The film portraits in the Soul Biographies Collection are evidence that we belong, and an opportunity to pay an undivided and unconditional attention to another, so that we are better prepared to do so out in the world where it counts.

Endeavor to witness these films in the same way in which they’ve been made – Inner View. Built on the understanding of something profound and directionally opposite.

The basics are as follows;

Start with Nothing. No-thing. No act on your part. For this moment in time set down your requirement to compare, to understand, to make sense of, to know where this is going, to translate, to seek value, to add value, to fix anything at all. Let the experience of each film subject find you, not you them. Like the experience of extraordinary music that finds you and fills you without need to have anything done to it.

Witnessing is not an act on your part.

Let it. Simply let it.

Do not attempt if distracted. View full screen. Use headphones, unless you are screening to an audience.

Notice what is caused by you. Notice what comes to you. Notice what appears familiar.

We have some tutorials coming soon. A deeper dive into Inner View. If you are a member of the FILM LIST you will receive them.


For now, know this.

To witness another without condition is perhaps the greatest gift we can offer another. For in that moment they are set free, and might become aware that they belong. And this could change the trajectory of a life.

Everything here is about this.

This Portrait Film Points To Many Of the Important Components Of Our Capicity To See Others Without Condition

one same heartbeat