Conflict is universal. I imagine each conflict to be reflective of all others, in the deepest of all respects.

We fight for something. And it is that something I hold a deep seated curiosity for.

The Klamath Conflict is notorious. A long running conflict over water. It is now my challenge to unravel what my camera has seen.

This is a five minute preview sequence that might give you a sense of the conflict in very human terms.

What follows is a series of Human Portraits examining the immense depth of emotion and feeling, alongside the extraordinary possibility that lies at the heart of this and all conflict.

Links below.

I imagine it will reflect shards of your world. If not more.

Thank you to the Bureau of Land Management as Patrons to the Series.

Series in memory of Bob Chadwick, who features as the subject in the Film Portrait ‘Consensus‘.

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‘If I Were To Know You’
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‘Kindness, Or Not’
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one same heartbeat