‘… my greatest fear was that no one would see me. My greatest fear is you’ll see me.

I feel I’m just full of questions and doubts and fears. With this underlying feeling and underlying voice that is like – be still, be quiet it will be okay. You’re so much more than you allow yourself to think you are. So much more. And I keep showing you, you don’t hear me. That’s what that voice says.

You really are safe and you really are okay. The biggest thing I’m hearing right now is you’re not alone.

It’s almost a calling out that if you just be quiet, you’ll hear me, and you can trust me.

It’s kind of screaming – let me out, let me out.’



This piece and the film expedition it emerged from has become beyond important in a respect to a clearer understanding of the sheer magnitude of the fear of and yearning for being seen. A paradox that exists in most who ever a drew breath.

It is key to the challenge of awareness. It is key to the challenge of the realization of what we are.

I once wrote these somewhat terrifying words – THE ENTRANCE HALL – they seem apt here.

Thank you to Chalon Bridges, the Co-Creator of this and a number of other films that are due up in the Soul Biographies library soon. Co-Creator meaning the essential role of inviting, gathering and hosting film subjects courageous enough to reveal themselves, ensuring they felt unconditionally welcome, and engaged in the hallowed experience of self-revelation, the gathering of funding for the films and more.

If this is a role you might be interested in, or in supporting the mission in general (remember passing on = loving too) you must see >> THIS <<

one same heartbeat