This is essentially a course in How to See the Human Soul, your own included. To see a deeper aspect of all people, beyond the assumptions and defenses that keep us hidden from each other. It’s a course in developing your innate capacity to see with awareness. It would seem important, as when you changes the way you see everyone, your experience of everyone changes.

Inner View has often been characterized as a way to be in the world. And this way to be in the world with others has far reaching and profoundly relevant possibilities for this particular age. The Seeing of Us beyond all differences.

Inner View has been used far and wide in the fields of human development, interaction and exploration. Namely the fields of Coaching, Therapy, TV & Film Interview, Organizational Story Telling, Business and Sales Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Hospice, Health and Youth Work, Personal and Organizational Development.

Many undertake its practice simply as a way to develop their own awareness.

Inner View is an experiential change in the way we see everyone and everything. It invites a profound shift in awareness in service to connectedness, truth, freedom and the seeing of us without judgment and beyond all differences. 

Inner View is the sight with which the acclaimed Soul Biographies Film Series, an experience of human presence viewed by millions, has been made. The films essentially provide evidence of this other way. The mindful seeing of another that allows truth to be experienced and spoken out loud, and the inner view of a person to be made visible.


See a selection of the many testimonials (below, alongside portrait photographs) that articulate the nature of the personal capacity and experience of Inner View. Note, Inner View has also been experienced/used with many organizations: Georgetown University, Harvard Business School, The Inner Game Institute, Prosperidad Ciudadana (National Political Party), Center For Leadership Philanthropy, Medtronic, Trustmark Insurance, Nieuw Unicum Multiple Sclerosis Center, Joseph’s House Hospice, MacArthur Foundation, US Bureau of Land Management, MIT Entrepreneurial Forum and many more.



Seeing Beyond All Differences

A Note from Nic Askew, creator of Inner View

“Almost from the first moment I first picked up the Soul Biographies Inner View camera back in 2005, I’ve been asked the very same question consistently from those who have experienced the Soul Biographies Film Portraits, ‘where do you find these people?’. What I came to understand was that what most had meant to say was ‘I don’t experience people like this.’ And it became clear to me that the contribution here was to show people how to see an Inner View of another. How to see beyond all differences. In doing so they would also catch sight of themselves in a way that might change everything.”

Developed From A Camera Method

The Inner View Method was developed by Nic over the years since 2005.

It was taught for many years ostensibly as a Camera Method, a uniquely profound approach to interview. Interview + Surrender. Un-directed. It became a valuable way of eliciting authenticity and truth on film but it was never truly just about the camera. The camera was the way it was at first noticed and then developed. But this use of an innate mindful presence has a far wider implication.

The Art & Science Of Seeing

This is an Art and a Science. It involves the physical and the meta-physical. The easily described and easily seen, and the less easily described and physically unseen.

'The Reflection'


As I gaze into the world,
I realize that nothing
falters in its ability
to reflect what
I’ve come here to see.

My challenge remains
to admit
to what it is
that I’ve seen.

See, Be Seen, See Self

Inner View is about an experiential change in sight, and a profound shift in awareness in service to connectedness, truth, freedom and the seeing of us without judgment and beyond all differences.

It leads to an increased capacity for the seeing of others without judgment and beyond all differences. Simultaneously we develop our capacity to reveal ourselves without the defenses that have for so long kept us hidden. Essentially, being seen. And, we develop our capacity to become aware of ourselves without judgment or condition. Essentially, the seeing of ourselves.

See the TESTIMONIALS below.

Develop Your Capacity To See

Nic is now teaching this as a way to develop this innate capacity to see with mindful awareness. And now, without the requirement to learn the use of the film camera, although a module on the use of Zoom filming to elicit authenticity is included. A valuable asset in this current era.

These Immersions are held in a Community environment with the sessions involving practical experience, over a 4-Week period.

Close Observational Practice  – observational of the experience of the process. Nic filming/witnessing a range of subjects live amongst the Cohort. And Personal Practice – each participant in the experience of the process.

The Curriculum is set out below.

There is also the option to join an ongoing Community of Practice and Experience for Inner View after the Program. And to explore and share the practical use of Inner View in the World.

Fields Of Use

Inner View has been used far and wide in the fields of human development, interaction and exploration. Namely the fields of Coaching, Therapy, TV & Film Interview, Organizational Story Telling, Business and Sales Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Hospice, Health and Youth Work, Personal and Organizational Development.

Many undertake its practice simply as a way to develop their own awareness.

For Work. Or For Life

This 4-Week Immersion has been built and priced so as to be relevant and accessible to anyone drawn to the possibility of a different way to see. Either in the context of their work, or for the wider context of life.

This Is Not A Technique

Although we have called this a Method, it is actually not in any traditional sense. It is not a technique. It is the realization of an innate capacity to see.

It is well be described as the way of no-thing. The absense of action allows seeing (awareness).

‘Undivided and So Still Attention’


Before your words
of encouragement
and well-timed

Before items gifted
at beyond
an arm’s length.

Did you ever consider
the one thing that
might turn the
entire world
on its axis.

Your undivided
and so still



Warning On Intellectualization

Warning from Nic : ‘For more than a decade I held back on committing words to what goes on in the seeing (witnessing) process that happens so readily under these very specific circumstances. Recently this changed, as I was compelled to describe both the physical and metaphysical elements of this far from usual Method and its education. And whilst I have chosen to use words such as curriculum and principles, I know that this way of seeing is awash with the surrender of control and an extraordinary mystery, of which we are an inseparable part. The knowing of this is most probably the point, and as such the education is rooted firmly in its experience. This should not live as an idea, and the Inner View experience has set out to avoid the very real and human danger of its intellectualization.’
























The Seeing Of Others Without Judgment Or Need


Develop your capacity to be still enough with another as to have them experience an immense freedom, as you see them beyond any differences, opinions, judgments, or personal need.

The Revealing Of Ourselves Without Defense


Develop your capacity to surrender unnecessary defenses, so that you can be seen authentically by the World, as you find the courage to contribute in the World.

The Seeing Of Ourselves Without Condition


Develop your capacity to become aware of yourself from a very different perspective. Without judgment or condition. Essentially, to see yourself.


The Underlying Principles

There exist a number of profound underlying principle truths which will be uncovered as we travel through this process;

The Surrender Of Control ~ The Experience Beyond An Idea ~ The Space Between ~ The Origin Of Words ~ The Nature Of Our Distorted Vision ~ A Knowing Beyond Understanding ~ Noticing As A Non Act ~ The Absence Of Your Action And Re-Action ~ The Conscious Field ~ Unconditional Belonging Conscious Attention ~ Amplification Of The Human Soul

Elements In The Fabric

The practical experience of Inner View provides the environment in which to examine the specific elements woven in the fabric of the Method. Self-Awareness ~ Clarity of Insight ~ Presence ~ Mindfulness ~ Implicit Trust ~ Surrender and Acceptance.

Delivered In Awareness

This Program is delivered in a climate of awareness, an important distinguishing element in separating it from being just another set of ideas.

The Program Lessons

The components of the Method break down into the physical and the meta-physical. The easily described and easily seen, and the less easily described and physically unseen.

The Curriculum includes;

The Physical And Digital Environment ~ The Setting Of The Context ~ Proximity And Levels ~ The Specific Use Of Zoom and Equivalents ~ The Preparation Of Space and Time ~ The Component Elements Of Seeing ~ The Two Ways Of Attention ~ Intuitive Intelligence ~ Eliciting Authenticity ~ No-Thing ~ Letting Go Of The Need To Hold Space ~ That State Of Glorious Ignoramus ~ Presence And The State Of Flow ~ The Art Of Non-Directing ~ The Experience Of Surrender ~ Connectivity ~ The Experience Beyond Right And Wrong ~ Seeking Versus Being Found ~ The Processing Of What Is Experienced  ~ The Vulnerability Hangover ~ Reconnectivity.



The Program Components

All lessons are taught by Nic Askew, creator of the Inner View. The additional voluntary Practicums are overseen by Nic.

4 Main Lessons. 2 Hours in duration. Mix of curriculum and practical (observational and personal practice). Held on the Zoom Meeting platform – not Webinar – using Inner View.

3 Voluntary Practicums. 1 hour in duration. Small Groups and Pairs, entirely focussed on the practial experience of Inner View.

Note. Once a week with the additional Community activity is considered immersion. The practicums are added as additional and voluntary as we understand twice per week is an undertaking for some.

Outside Class Practice. The teaming up for Inner View practical between classes, and for some in place of a practicum.

We have a specifically built Community platform to support the practical learning experience. Forums, Video and Written Content throughout the 4-Week Program. This is about the experience of learning in Community.

Close contact with Nic throughout.

Estimated First Cohort Size is 25-40.

Join Inner View creator Nic Askew for a free 45 minute introduction to the experience of Inner View. Limited places.

Note, registration does not reserve a place on the Inner View Method Program.



Monday February 1st. 12-2pm US Central. 6-8pm UK.

Monday February 8th. 12-2pm US Central. 6-8pm UK.

Monday February 15th. 12-2pm US Central. 6-8pm UK.

Monday February 22nd. 12-2pm US Central. 6-8pm UK.

Please make certain you can make the Lesson dates before booking a place. They are an essential part of the learning.


Thursday February 4th. 12-1pm US Central. 6-7pm UK.

Thursday February 11th. 12-1pm US Central. 6-7pm UK.

Thursday February 18th. 12-1pm US Central. 6-7pm UK.

You can miss a Practicum and make up with a partner/s but the Lesson Sessions are an essential part of the learning.


12pm US Central is 10am in California. 1pm in New York City. 6pm in London. 7pm in Amsterdam. 11.30pm in New Delhi.

Calculate your LOCATION. Use Minneapolis as the location for US Central time. We will be made up of many countries.

The ZOOM Meeting – not Webinar – Platform is used for the lessons and practical experiences. Observational Practical – Nic with selected subject, with the program participants in observation. Personal Practice – done in pairs and small groups.

Note: surprisingly the Zoom environment combined with the use of Inner View creates a shockingly intimate and close human environment.

A specific COMMUNITY environment will be used in which support in words, film and image will be provided. And the ability to interact and ask questions and share experiences in a closed private cohort environment.

“I felt free” | “It’s still reverberating inside me” | “I have never been in a space like that before” | “It resulted in an irrevocable shift. The veil lifted.” | “I was left with a profound sense of calm” | “I felt hope that we would become a tribe” | “I felt such a deep connection” | “I’m able to hear guidance more clearly” | “The call gave me hope for the world” | “Within my depths I know that I am alright just as I am” | “Feeling intensely alive and very conscious of my whole body. A gradual revealing of oneself, rather than becoming anything else” | “Perhaps this was the dream seeking me out all along” | “I saw that all there was was light” | “Glorious nothingness” | “This experience of unconditional acceptance was something I needed to be a part of”


The Program for this first Cohort has been set at US$395. We have an early booking rate of US$295 running until end of November. Subject to availability.

The cost will be higher for Cohort #2.

This is the first Cohort in this format, although the Program has been taught in-person (with the camera component) for 7 years.
We are keen to make this accessible and drive a growing cohesive community of people using Inner View as a way to see.

Additionally, we understand trying times and can spread payment out if required. And, we have the opportunity for a few scholarship rates. Send us a message for details.


Or Register Your Interest In A Future Cohort

5 + 11 =


We are running 2 Programs at the moment. This 4-Week Inner View Journey and the Inner View Method Program. There are some key differences.

The Inner View Method Program (this Program)  is designed to give you a profound introduction to Inner View in all its intricacy and simplicity. It will be supported by a Community learning platform, and written word and video pieces designed to bring your attention to the components of how to see in this way. It includes practical experience (the observation of Inner View as it happens, and personal practice with Cohort members). Alongside lessons based around key observations. The Cohort size is estimated to be around 40, so not everyone will be able to be filmed by Nic. We use volunteers to bring the content to life as an experience.

The Inner View Journey is a deep and unyielding experience of Inner View in a small group of 12. Many hours over 4-Weeks, and the opportunity to sit with Nic in Inner View. Multiple times if required. We do not go into the components of Inner View, simply have its experience. It is designed as an experience of surrender, and not as an education. Many who have felt called to the Soul Biographies Inner View camera use this as the opportunity.

Join Inner View creator Nic Askew for a free 45 minute introduction to the experience of Inner View. Limited places.

Note, registration does not reserve a place on the Inner View Method Program.

“Within moments everything that is not important somehow falls away” | “The way I experience all of life has profoundly changed” | “It is like revelation and deja vu, both at the the same time” | “I’ve no idea how I would have come to this if I hadn’t participated” | “It resulted in an irrevocable shift. The veil lifted” | “Nothing has changed but everything is different” | “The most profound experience of my life to date” | “I found my voice rise strong and wise, determined and unfaltering in the direction of my soul’s purpose” | “This leaves only belonging” | “I figured out where true strength comes from” | “This is utterly beautiful and something that can’t be undone” | “This woke me up, I can’t go back to sleep”.


INNER VIEW TEAM: 1 Hour – Full Day digital practical experiences for existing groups (Harvard Business School are using this by way of example) built to group specification. Delivered over Zoom with additional support. DETAILS

5-DAY CAMERA METHOD: Inner View as a Camera Method is taught as a 5 Day In-Person Immersion Program in small mentored groups twice each year (once in USA, once in UK). We are planning to resume these in 2021.

MENTORED: Inner View taught individually by Nic. One-to-One or in Small Groups.

Message For Details


“The room quietens as another film subject emerges deliberately from the assembled group. She, or he, approaches the Inner View Camera with something to say. Something worthwhile speaking. Words that have purpose, and an obvious use in his or her world. Perhaps even to the world at large. Words that set out to convince us all. But words that so often, have been previously spoken.

The subject sits. Close to the camera. Close to me. Eyes closed, ever deepening breath, as the spartan words of instruction remove any requirement from our time together. The point of being here, that was so vividly etched into a previously important list is now lost, as the subject’s image is cast in high contrast black and white to a large screen. Arrestingly beautiful. Always.

We are all to be included unreservedly in this experience of the human soul made visible. Of humanity witnessed.

From a palpable and utter stillness, it is as if the subject ‘is being spoken’. They are not speaking ‘to’ or ‘at’ the world in expectation of something in return, as is so often the case. There are words. 

And space. And an unbridled vulnerability of such profound importance that the audience cannot turn away. It is utter strength in physical form.

Here, there is nowhere to hide. Here there is no need to hide. Here there is the letting go of control. The control that kept us from seeing one another. And from seeing ourselves. Here, for this moment in time there is Freedom. There is Liberation and Insight. And previously undiscovered Genius. Here truth has been spoken out loud, and we have each been changed from somewhere deep inside.”