Inner View is a profound way to witness the human soul, causing a direct experience of interconnectedness and belonging.

Its radically simple way starts with no-thing from which comes some-thing. A something that might change everything. The intelligence from which you are inspired to act. The voice with which you are compelled to speak. The way in which you are able to gift your undivided attention to another. Indeed your very sense of connection with everyone and everything. Yourself included.


Descriptions of the profound consequence of Inner View have been written and recorded by many. If you are drawn to the possibility of this work, do see these words of evidence.

I’ve used this way for the last 18 years to profound effect. Inner View is the way of and the sight with which the Soul Biographies Film Series, an experience of human presence viewed by millions, has been made.

Nic Askew, Inner View Creator

 At present Nic is teaching Inner View during the EXPEDITIONS and as part of Live Speaking Events including the new START WITH NOTHING.

Once a year Nic takes a Cohort through the INNER VIEW CAMERA METHOD.

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