In Search Of Venues

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Events, Inner View, News

I am in search of a few new homes for the Inner View Expedition Retreat Experience. All the venues I used to inhabit ceased taking guests through the Pandemic. Forever actually.

WHERE – I am searching for a new home within a few hours travel (although would consider further) of London (UK), Minneapolis, New York/Washington DC, LA/San Francisco. Other locations considered. Mexico for the Winter even. Actually the feel of the location is perhaps more important than its geography.

WHAT – It would be to house 8-12 people in a living room type environment. Think comfortable seating, as we project the images of each undefended human soul to a large screen. A massively light room (windows everywhere) do not work that well, unless we can block much of this light out (blinds/curtains) for the full effect of Rembrandt style and high contract black and white image. As per my films and photographic portraits.


Retreat centers possibly, although over the years people’s homes (usually a Soul Biographies viewer drawn inexorably to the experience behind the films), or hotel rooms with large living rooms have worked well. Quiet, and stillness is also important. And an ability for people to stay close-by or onsite.

I have found over the years that participants in this far from usual exploration yearn for more time in the room with each other and the camera, and not the physical surroundings of a well appointed outside. It would seem that what you could have found outside, we find inside. When one finds home, it seems one does not wish to leave.

Anyhow, I thought I should ask. If you know of anywhere that might fit such a bill, do let me know.