There is a point to this, a mission, and it would absolutely benefit from your support;

“I’ve set out to capture The Soul of This Human Race on film, in all its shades and from all four corners. So that we might see ourselves reflected in each other. So that we might see beyond all differences. So that we might come to remember that we belong to each other without condition, and act accordingly.”

For close to two decades I’ve offered my work in the world as a gift, freely available to view without charge, or condition. And without advertisers, and the many distractions that fill this world.

There is no usual funding for this. Much of the work has been on my own time, some via commissions, some by contributions from patrons (viewers) who believe in the mission of changing how we see each other and drawn to make this happen.

I would love for to consider becoming a part of the mission. This work that seeks to bring us closer in.


Nic Askew – Soul Biographies Inner View



If you don’t wish to use a credit or debit card, you could support this work via Paypal, Venmo or Direct Bank Transfer – message for details.

Or you could send a paper check – made out to Nic Askew LLC – to;

Soul Biographies
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If you need to cancel an existing recurring donation and need help, do send us a message.

note: we are not a registered charity (as such this is not a deductible donation), although this work is made without condition.


Practically there are many elements that require funding. From the support and development of the site, to travel to and back from film subjects, the making of films and the spreading of the word of their existence.  I have many Soul Biographies already filmed yet not yet made. Each a contribution to the changing of the way we see each other (I shall endeavor to bring news of these via trailer soon). And then there is the extraordinary live witnessing experience of Inner View that I would love to bring into communities that would otherwise not be exposed to such an experience. To show many how we might see each other without condition. To know the experience of belonging without condition.

You can contribute to the mission in a number of ways. As a patron to specific projects (website sponsor, specific film patron and other defined projects) or as a one off or monthly contributor (see below). If finances are tight you can contribute by passing word of this work on to others. Perhaps even in engaging them in the experience of this work together.

If you’d like to speak about something specific, do send me a message.

I will be writing here in the months to come about specific projects.

Nic Askew, Soul Biographies Inner View