If you’ve ever been in a room with the Soul Biographies Inner View camera running, or better still been in front of the camera itself you will know the experience of awareness and surrender it provokes.

The Community is about the experience of this.


If you’ve sensed it in the work of Soul Biographies – the films and the words – that might give you an indication that this might be something courageous you might be willing to try. Something you might feel inexorably drawn towards.

Either way, you are welcome.


Inner View is an experiential change in the way we see everyone and everything. It invites a profound shift in awareness in service to connectedness, truth, freedom and the seeing of us without judgment and beyond all differences.

It is not a technique. It is the realization of an innate capacity to see.

This is a learning Community of practice and experience. Note. you do not have to taken any courses in INNER VIEW to join, even though we do run them.

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