The Us Community is Now Open

“I want to spend more time with you and for you all to know each other. I want you to know that you’re enough and that you belong unconditionally. Not to want it. Or even to believe it. But to know it. And I want us to do this together, and for us each to know that we are not alone.”

So now a sense of mission. And disruption. And the launch of a Community. Today.

The Us Community is Close

We are really close to being able to issue the first invitations to the new Us Community. We will have a first in-take, then another in a month.

It may be that the invitation is not made public as the pre-notification list is pretty large.

The Grand Human Predicament

I noticed there is a grand human predicament. I’m currently writing about it. There will be an audio essay to follow. The observation was in part responsible for The Point of Us. A few words pointing to the way of it all. I committed the basics to just 8 images. Sketch notes. They point to something utterly simple. You might recognize it.

And So It Begins

And so it begins. The Point of Us. And a counterview to so much of the way of this Human World.

“Push with vigor towards where you believe you should be, or surrender and let life consume you with no doubt.”

Of course, the nature of surrender is mysterious and much misunderstood.