Under the Tree of Dreams

On Sunday December 11 I’ll be on Zoom exploring the very real experience of Under the Tree of Dreams. You are welcome to join me. It’s free but you’ll need to register. We have 8 places remaining. We will start with nothing, as is the way. And wonder where it may then take us, as is the experience. I haven’t done one of these in what seems like an age.

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The Light

Many decades of many things. Efforts towards a life imagined. Somewhere beyond the life that exists. And then a momentary setting down of all that. Of the the relentless and exhausting game of becoming someone. And a starting with nothing. No-thing. No act. And from that nothing, something. A light from deep inside. And a change in many things.

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A Virtual Film Portrait

The essence of somethings are challenging to articulate because their nature lies beyond the reach of words. This is true of much of the work that seeks to contribute to a more aware world. The answer to the predicament is to pay attention to the place one is speaking from. 

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Witnessing Without Map or Conditions

I was interviewed by Preeta, a former General Counsel to Barack Obama in the White House. And Steve, who has made many films delving into the human condition, and things beyond the veil. This is the recording of that long-form interview.

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In Search Of Venues

I am in search of a few new homes for the Soul Biographies Inner View work. All the venues I used to inhabit ceased taking guests through the Pandemic. Forever actually.

Within a few hours travel of London (UK), Minneapolis, New York/Washington DC, LA/San Francisco. Other locations considered. Mexico for the Winter even. Actually the feel of the location is perhaps more important than its geography.

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Awakin Interview

A friend of mine, Nipun Mehta, started a number of consciously disruptive ventures. Which have drawn the deserved focus of many millions. The ventures include Karma Tube, Karma Kitchen, Charity Focus, Daily Good and Awakin. I am in interview on Awakin on Saturday 23 October – 9am US Pacific – live, alive and delving somewhere deep into the visceral experience of what we seek is seeking us. A video interview. You are somewhere beyond welcome to join us.

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Words On A Card

I haven’t printed a ‘business’ card since 2015. I was never very good at handing them to people. I’m Inner Viewing (filming on stage and speaking of what is and isn’t happening) in front of 500 at an Entrepreneurs’ Organization event in a few weeks from an outdoor stage by the edge of Lake Tahoe, and thought I should print another.

I selected two pieces that speak to at least some of what I will be ‘pointing to’ on stage. Amongst the many mind-bending consequences of ‘surrender’.

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Not This Enough Or That Enough

Through almost two decades of sitting utterly still with many many people I noticed that an extraordinary experience happened when ‘nothing was being done’ YET our whole world assumes that something need be done. There are entire industries based on BECOMING, because it seems like we are not enough.

‘… what if there were a moment in time where you weren’t fighting for this to be different.’

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A Visceral Sense Of Self Knowledge

We sat and there was nothing, and I saw you. We sat and there was nothing and I became aware of myself. This is about a visceral sense of self knowledge, where the time and space between any two people can collapse. Then what might drive your entire life might be so dramatically different.

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What You Seek Is Seeking You

Over these last few months there has been a quiet yet almost seismic shift in my sense of all of this. Certainly in my sense of what I must do now.

In many ways it is all quite simple. Binary in nature almost. A life lived ‘by one’, or a life lived ‘through one’. I first became aware of this binary nature whilst filming Soul Biographies, and noticing that words come from one of two places. Language was spoken by someone ‘to or at’ another in hope of a consequence, OR it was simple spoken ‘through’ someone with no thought of consequence.

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