I have set out to capture The Soul of This Human Race on film, in all its shades and from all four corners. So that we might see ourselves reflected in each other. So that we might see beyond all differences. So that we might come to remember that we belong to each other without condition, and act accordingly.

Nic Askew, Soul Biographies Inner View

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When We Change The Way We See Each Other Our Experience Of Each Other Changes

Below Is A Short Sequence From The Series

The Point Of Being Here Is To Change The Way In Which We Experience

Switch Off The World. Play Full Screen. Do Not Attempt If Distracted


We are fragile. You and me.

Though we act strong,
our lives are
held together with
thoughts of where
we might be tomorrow.

And of disappointed

At any moment we might shatter.

We might fall to our knees
weighed down by the terror
of being so far from
our own control.

Dare we look up, we’d not know
where to go or what to do.

We are fragile. You and me.

If we were to turn to each other,
we might see the whole world
on their knees.

Hurting, and seemingly

But none of us are.

We are fragile together.


The Tree of Dreams

Many had gathered
under the
tree of dreams.

All but one stood
shaking its branches
for dreams to fall.

Dreams that had been
whispered to them
by the voices of others.

Dreams that would
fade with time.

But one sat quietly
waiting for a dream
to recognize his soul.

And to consume him
with no doubt.


One Same Heartbeat

Each of us stand seemingly
alone, as we cry out
for evidence
that we belong.

And as we cry out silently
through the actions
of our every day,
we step further
from our own sight.

Further from the
experience of
our one same heartbeat.

But in the flicker of a
single moment we might
remember that
there are no
separate lives.

And that we have never been alone.

New such words are sent out each week alongside the Soul Biography Film Portraits to Nic’s long running Film LIST. Do join us in changing our experience of each other.