Film Guitar Volume One

Product Description

This is a first volume of the contemplative acoustic guitar tracks that back the award winning Soul Biographies Short Film Series. They have been described as ‘guitar to wonder by’.

Nic once made a film of Dominic Miller, Sting’s guitarist of nearly 20 years. Dominic turned to Nic and said ‘You play the guitar, why don’t you record your own film music?’ From that moment Nic has written and recorded all the tracks that back his films. The guitar has become a subtle but integral part of the experience of the film.

Total Running Time is 53 minutes. Available at iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. Click icons.

Nic Askew

Nic Askew: Soul Biographies Film Guitar Volume One


Commercial Use

All Film Guitar Tracks can be licensed royalty free for commercial use. Films to Event Themes, Podcast backgrounds to Meditation & Poetry Audios and the many possibilities in between. EMAIL request. Higher Quality WAV files are used. More track will be available soon.